Gold Canyon, Az

Gold Canyon, Az
New Years Day 2015, Gold Canyon, AZ

Thursday, November 20, 2014

Planes, Planes and still more Planes

So yesterday morning we were back on the bus, this time there were 8 of us, and heading for the PIMA Air & Space Museum.  If you want to see planes this is the place to go.  80 Acres, 6 large hangers and over 300 planes or every size and shape.  I found it an interesting way to spend 4 1/2 hours, Lori was very patient with me knowing that Friday was payback.  Were going to a mall for a day of shopping, ARGGGG!!
I think I took about 200 pictures but have pared it down a bit to some of the more notable planes or the just plain weird looking ones.
This plane is not upside-down but it sure looks like it.
 This is the Lockheed SR71A Blackbird.  A spy plane used by the CIA to fly over enemy territory  super fast and super high so it couldn't be detected or shot down.  
The predecessor of sorts was the U2 which was shot down over Russia and the pilot, Gary Powers captured.
Another one of those planes that makes you wonder how it ever gets off the ground.
 This is a Canadair Sable.  Not sure how this made it in given that the vast majority of the planes here are US Military.
 The F14 Tomcat made famous, at least in Movie lore by Tom Cruse in Top Gun.

 What would a display of military aircraft be without a nuclear bomb.
 The Huey helicopter used in the Vietnam war and featured in the movie Apocalypse Now.  Remember Robert Duvall's character: "I love the smell of Napalm in the morning".  Now that was one bizarre movie.
 A model of the plane that started it all at Kittyhawk.  This view is the front of the plane

Lori standing in front of one of the Blue Angels jets. The Blue Angels is the United States Navy's flight demonstration squadron. The Blue Angels team was formed in 1946,[1] making it the second oldest formal flying aerobatic team (under the same name) in the world, after the French Patrouille de France formed in 1931. The Blue Angels' six demonstration pilots fly the F/A-18 Hornet.
Airforce One used by Presidents Kennedy and Johnson from 1961-65.  Would have been nice to have seen the inside of a restored version.

A Superfortress Arial Tanker.  The picture below shows the boom that the fuel flows through to the receiving plane.  The guy controlling the boom sits in the turret below the plane.  

This is by no means the biggest plane but with Lori standing in front of the tire you can get some perspective on how large these behemouths are. 

So when the designers drew this up what made them think it had a chance to get off of the ground.
Looks kind of like a beached whale or the Hindenburg stuck on top of a planes fuselage.   
Its a Super Guppy Cargo Transport used from 1965-1995

 The V-1 rocket used by the Germans late in WW11 to bomb London.

 The Boeing B-29 Superfortress Bomber.

 The P-51 Mustang fighter plane used in WW11

 The Corsair fighter plane used in WW11

 The B-17 Flying Fortress used in WW11.  Large formations would fly over Europe bombing enemy locations.

 Some very large helicopters.  The one on the left is used for lifting large containers.

Well thats it.  What I found interesting is the varied types of planes being used by different branches of the US military.  Each for a very specific purpose.  The dollars spent to fund the design, construction and ongoing operation of these planes is mind boggling and this represents only one small aspect of the US Military infrastructure.  
No more planes, I promise.