Gold Canyon, Az

Gold Canyon, Az
New Years Day 2015, Gold Canyon, AZ

Friday, February 24, 2017

Last day in San Diego

Friday we head for a short drive up the road to Anaheim for our next stay so today we decided to take Charli for one last day at the beach.  The surf was considerably higher than our last visit which made for a little more excitement.  We both got caught walking a little to close to the water and when a larger wave would hit we would find ourselves running to try to keep ahead of the surf.  We both ended up with booters although Lori made the better choice of footwear than me.  Flip Flops dry much faster than hiking boots.

Flowers are starting to appear everywhere.  
Apple trees are in full bloom and most of the boulevards  and 
embankments have wildflowers and other perennials rather than grass.  

Strong west winds brought much large waves than our previous visit

Charli got her exercise chasing the waves.  She drank a bit too much of the
salt water though as later in the day she wasn't feeling too good. 

Lots of tennis balls being thrown around on the beach.
This one was ours but Charli had lost interest.

Pull out a bag of treats and a crowd forms. 

Lori didn't see this wave coming.  It came almost to her knees before retreating.  

The retreating water leaves a nice collection of rocks and sea shells.

These rocks had a rusty colour which made for a pretty shot. 

The retreating waves also left some vibrant colours in the tide pools. 

As the water drains off the rocks it creates a little waterfall. 

The wave action leaves some interesting ripples in the sand.  

It was a great way to finish our visit to San Diego.  Friday we leave for Anaheim where we will be spending most of our time trying to keep up to our 3 grandsons as we tour Disneyland.

Till then.