Gold Canyon, Az

Gold Canyon, Az
New Years Day 2015, Gold Canyon, AZ

Thursday, March 2, 2017

Disney 1st 2 Days

We left Vista on Friday for a short drive up I-5 to Orangeland RV Park.  Our home for the next 2 weeks.  The trip was ok as all traffic was slowed down due to a few accidents so people weren't whipping by us at the speed of light.  We pulled in to a drive-thru spot, love drive-thru's, and had lots of time to get set up and relax.  Saturday was nice and sunny so we took a drive around the area to get oriented.  

Disney is only a few miles up the road however the RV Park provides a shuttle for $3. per person which beats the $20 cost of parking in the Disney lots plus the added aggravation of the lineups to get into the parking lot.  On one of our walks around the park one lady mentioned that Disney is the most expensive place on earth and after 2 days I tend to agree with her.  The other thing I noticed is that there are lineups for everything and we aren't here in the busy season.  You lineup for 30 minutes for a 2 minute ride although I must say Disney does know how to do line-ups.  They have the ropes and chains similar to what I am familiar with after working in the Bank for 35 years however they make it quite entertaining with points of interest along the way plus the lines are very deceiving.  You think you are almost done when the lineup takes another turn. In front of you are another series of ropes previously unseen and you quickly realize you are no where close to your destination.  

Disney, like Coastal California, is a mass of people and frankly I will be happy to move back inland where the hectic pace of mankind is balanced with a little more mother nature.  Guess you can take the boy out of the Prairies but you can't take the Prairies out of the boy, to coin a phrase. 

Son Jeff, his wife Carrie and their 3 boys, Oscar 12, Jack, 9 and Milo 6 flew in on Saturday night and despite the fact that the forecast for Sunday had a strong chance of rain we agreed to meet at Disney at about 9:45.  It turned out to be a grey day with scattered showers however the grandsons were not to be deterred and their spirits were anything but dampened.  They hit a number of rides, some of which Grandpa and Grandma joined them on and some, where we feared for our lives, or at least our lunch, we deferred.   All in all everyone had a great time and frankly I just enjoyed trailing after them and watching the smiles and wide eyes on the kids faces. 

Monday we decided to stay home as the forecast was for much of the same grey skies and showers however the kids went and enjoyed another wet day at Disney.  We stayed in the trailer and watched the Trump antics on CNN.  Entertaining but a bit depressing.  Tuesday the skies cleared and we joined them again for another trek thru the Disney Kingdom. Disney has this down to a science and they have been at it a long time, in fact as long as I have been on this earth given that they opened in 1955.  Every corner is a new adventure with rides, gift shops and restaurants.  The price of admission is hefty but that is only the beginning.   

Here are a few shots of our first 2 days.  

We waited outside of security for the kids and it started to rain.
Lots more of that to come.  

Oscar, Carrie, Milo, Jack and Jeff.
All ready for fun although Milo is recovering from an ear infection.  
The Carousal moves faster than you would think when you are trying
to get an in focus picture of every body

Pulling up the rear I saw a lot of the back of heads.  

"Its a Small World After All"
Below, a collection of shots of the boys as we cruised along in our watercraft.  

Jack always looks like he is planning something just slightly evil.
Thats cause he is.  

Every once in a while you would think Milo would start to tire.
Then seconds later he was off at top speed.  
Dad and eldest son, Oscar.

Lori and Minnie in front of Sleeping Beauty's castle.
The promo shots always have a picture of this castle with no people in front.
I can tell you that that shot doesn't exits for the paying public. 

Jeff, Oscar, Carrie and Jack.
Milo is dressed in a "Snitch" costume and his pink ear is barely visible over Jeff's shoulder.
This was the Jungle cruise ride which got us somewhat wet but entertained all. 

The Giant Turkey Leg was a meal to be shared

But it seems Oscar ended up with most of it.  

Everybody liked the Adventure Trail, especially this rope walk.
My knees hurt just watching them.  Sucks to get old. 

Milo got crammed in with Mom and Dad on this one.  Meanwhile below....
Oscar and Jack couldn't stop smiling and planning who was going to
bump into who next as the cars spun in circles.

Having this much fun must be illegal somewhere but not at Disney

This was well after the ride stopped but the boys kept on banging into each other.
Walt and Mickey, who started it all, in front of Sleeping Beauty's castle

The fashion attire of the day.  Whatever keeps the rain out.
We ended up buying rain ponchos with Disney characters on the back.
Lori is wearing her mouse ears and her poncho

The New Orleans section will require a longer visit by Lori and myself. 

The Mark Twain river boat

People, more people and yet even more people.
And this was a slow day. 

Wednesday we head across town to Universal Studio's.  And I thought the traffic in San Diego was bad. 

Till then.