Gold Canyon, Az

Gold Canyon, Az
New Years Day 2015, Gold Canyon, AZ

Friday, February 24, 2017

Oceanside Pier

Wednesday we took a drive to the Carlsbad Premium Outlet mall for a little shopping.  My penance for the Maritime Museum visit.  Thankfully the sales weren't too appealing and it didn't take Lori long to find a few items that previously she didn't know she needed.  It was still early so we decided to take a drive along the Coast Highway towards Oceanside, Ca.  The Coast Highway is a nice little road which before the Interstate was the main means of north south transportation.  It runs through a number of what used to be small towns and their old downtowns.  Has kind of a quaint feel and much more relaxing than the Interstate.

By chance we came upon the Oceanside Pier which extends a fairways out into the ocean and provides some great views and turns out a very good lunch.

You know your in California when you find charging stations at Malls.
Not sure fee is but this Nissan Leaf was plugged in getting recharged. 

Oceanside Pier built in 1927 at a cost of $100,000. 

This guy was determined to make it out past the breakers.  He didn't make it.
The waves were in excess of 6' as he got out a little further and one of them
swamped his little boat.  Next thing we saw was the boat floating upside down
 through the pier and him swimming after it.  He eventually recovered
 the boat and the paddle quite a ways down the beach.  

She was having a great time racing the waves. 

The mist from the waves was quite heavy.  If you licked you lips you could taste the salt.
I'm going to have to give my camera a thorough cleaning. 

Some great views and some very nice shacks along the beach.

The Brown Pelican.  

The Pelican kept trying to steal the guys catch.  

Much easier to get an even exposure in the shade. 

At the end of the Pier is Ruby's.  Our choice for lunch, which was great and at a good price.
The only problem was being on a long pier, well up in the air, every time a big wave would
hit we would feel a slight rolling sensation.  Made us both a bit queasy.  

All that was missing were those little personal juke boxes that used to
sit against the wall in the middle of the table.  Feed them a dime
for a single play or a quarter for 3 songs. 

Even the staff uniforms were in keeping with the times.  

We had a great day and with only one more day remaining in this stop we are planning to take Charli back to the Del Mar Dog Beach.

Till then.