Gold Canyon, Az

Gold Canyon, Az
New Years Day 2015, Gold Canyon, AZ

Monday, February 13, 2017

Cabrillo National Monument and Old Town

Today we headed to Cabrillo National Monument which is located south of San Diego on the southern tip of the entrance to the San Diego harbour.  The harbour is basically shaped like a horseshoe with an island situated in the middle and the western side of the horseshoe being a peninsula extending well out into the ocean.  Our drive to the Monument took us out to the southernmost tip of this peninsula.  We had great views of San Diego, the harbour and the Pacific.  Unfortunately the view out over the Pacific was hampered by haze and the view back into San Diego was hampered by smog.  Still a great view though.

On our way we passed by Fort Rosecrans Cemetery.  It is a National Cemetery and as such most of the gravesites are military or family of veterans. The headstones are all white and the same shape and aligned with military precision, row upon row upon row.  Must be thousands.  The colours with the white headstones, green grass, blue sky and green ocean backdrop make for a spectacular setting.  Should have stopped to take a few pics but time was tight.  Not that walking through a Cemetery is my idea of a touristy activity the picturesque setting more than makes up for it.

Following our trek around Cabrillo we headed to Old Town San Diego State Park for lunch.  It is located on the original settlement of San Diego and consists of restaurants, shops and museums.  We had time for lunch and a quick stroll around the rest of the Park.

We had left the trailer and Charli at 9:30 and it was now 4:00 with at least an hours drive thru rush hour traffic.  We got out on the freeway and since there were two of us in the truck I took advantage of the Car Pool lane.  Made much better time that way.

The view back into San Diego from the Monument

The old lighthouse.  It was actually located at too high an elevation as
low clouds and fog would obliterate the view from ships of the light.
The new one below is located closer to sea level. 

The new lighthouse and Coast Guard administrative buildings.
Not a bad work setting. 

We went down for a closer look at the tide pools created by the surf. 

A beautiful view of the Pacific

A Navy ship.  One of many.  Behind it is a Naval Air Base.  A number of fighter jets and larger transport jets took off while we were here. 

Not sure what was going on, perhaps training flights, but the stream
 of military helicopters flying out and then returning awhile later was non stop. 

A closer look at the surf.   A few boats, surfers, Pelicans and Sea Lions. 

Tall ship

Old Town San Diego.  Our choice of restaurant for lunch. 

Old Town. 

Old Town

My version of cutting back.  Lori and I should have split this meal.
Who can eat this much.  I filled two large tortilla shells and still had lots left over.  

Another one of the shops at Old Town

Tomorrow we are heading to Julian for some Apple Pie which is apparently worth the hour long trip.  We will take Charli so it will give her a break from the crate and us a break from driving on I-5.

Till then.