Gold Canyon, Az

Gold Canyon, Az
New Years Day 2015, Gold Canyon, AZ

Friday, March 10, 2017


The forecast for this past weekend wasn't great with more rain and some cool temperatures so Saturday we went to the beach.  Not great beach weather but we had all hit the wall and needed a break from Disney.  Huntington Beach has an off leash dog beach and Charli hadn't had much exercise lately so we let her run.  Very happy dog.  We walked down the beach to the Pier where we met up with Jeff/Carrie and the boys.  They ended up walking out on the pier and staying the rest of the afternoon and into the evening.  We wimped out and headed home after a few hours.

Sunday more rain was forecast in the afternoon so in the morning we headed to Downtown Disney, which is just outside of Disneyland proper.  Its filled with stores and restaurants and one of the parking lots provides free parking for 2 hours which can be extended to 4 hours if you eat in one of the restaurants.  We browsed the stores and then had an excellent lunch at a New Orleans style restaurant.   Lori had Blackened Chicken Mac n' Cheese which was excellent.  The kids spent the day in the pool at their hotel.

Monday, after a couple days of rest, we met back at Disney ready for more excitement  We spent the day racing to different rides between the 2 parks; Disneyland and California Adventures.  Our only stops were for snacks and lunch.  We stayed till 2:00 and then took the shuttle back to the RV to give Charli a walk.  Then at 5:30 we headed back for the evening so we could take in the water and light show called World of Colour.   We had been at Disney one other evening and saw the Electric Parade down main street and of course the Fireworks which are fantastic.  I discovered midway in our shuttle ride from the RV Park to Disney that I had forgot my Disney pass.  The Shuttle driver thankfully agreed to take us back to the Park so I could get my Pass and then deliver us back to Disney.

Tuesday the kids headed back home and we had one more day on our Disney Pass so we spent the day walking through the park doing some shopping and taking in some great food.   No long lines waiting for rides on this day.

Overall our visit to Disney was a lot of fun but if it was just us we could have done it in one or two days however the trip really was made because of Oscar, Jack and Milo.  Was so much fun chasing after them and watching the joy and excitement in their faces.

Splash Mountain was a blast.
On the final drop Disney takes your picture which gets some great
expressions of happiness, joy and just a little bit of fear.
Or in my case a lot of fear.
This is an iPhone picture of their picture so the quality isn't
great but I think you get the idea.  
The Pier at Huntington Beach isn't near as long as the Pier at Oceanside
but both have a Ruby's restaurant at the end.
Kept looking for Pamela Anderson and that red bathing suit but there were no sightings. 

There were lots of Oil Rigs and Tankers just off shore.
We couldn't take Charli on the beach but for the Equine Patrol
the beach was not off limits.  My question is who picks up after them. 

5 full days at Disney and 2 full days at Universal Studios
and the smiles just kept coming.

Had to be careful walking down the street.
Never knew when you might be run over by a trolley car, a band
or various Disney characters. 

California Screaming.
Massive acceleration at the start with a 360 degree loop half way through the ride.
Lori and I stayed on the sidelines for this one.
The kids tried to get us on all the rides and soon learned that they had to
minimize how wild the ride was (ok, they had to lie to us) or else we
weren't going on some of the rides.  Lori went on a few that she regretted but
she lived and we didn't loose our lunch.  

My photography class in Desert Hot Springs taught us to use a flash to
fill in the dark shadows on sunny days.
Still a work in progress but getting better. 

Nice blue sky with fluffy white clouds.
The sky and some of the buildings are actually a backdrop.

Had to watch where you walked.
Usually it was to avoid tripping over 3 year olds who escaped from their parents
 or walking into people who were texting while they were walking.
These guys wandered across the sidewalk and totally stopped traffic.
Jack wanted me to get a picture so this ones for you Jack. 

Hot Fudge Sunday.  Tasted great and only $13.00 and yes that is U.S. dollars.
You don't go to Disney looking for a bargain.  

 Wednesday and Thursday the weather hit the mid 80's (sorry to all from Manitoba as you dig out from a major blizzard) and it was great just to sit around the trailer, take few walks around the RV Park and catch up on some reading.  Friday we head to Boulder City, Nv for 10 days and then Hurricane, Ut for 11 days.  Following that we head for home and hope that the snow will be gone and the flood waters don't block any highways.   We expect to pull in to Oakbank and stay with friends for a few days while we make arrangements to move into our, hopefully, completed house.

We have enjoyed our time in coastal California but it will be good to leave it and the millions of people and cars behind.  We do enjoy the conveniences of metropolitan areas but prefer to live in a more rural setting, surrounded by nature, with just a short drive to the city.   Guess thats why we really like Gold Canyon just on the outskirts of Phoenix and why we lived in a rural setting close to Winnipeg for the last 23 years.

Thats it for now.  Will be on the road for about 5 hours tomorrow and will provide my next report from Boulder City.  A small city just outside of the bright lights of Vegas.  We are consistent aren't we?

Till then.