Gold Canyon, Az

Gold Canyon, Az
New Years Day 2015, Gold Canyon, AZ

Tuesday, March 28, 2017

Time to head home

We had hoped to get a few more hiking days in at Zion but the weather and some trailer maintenance  has kept us at the RV Park.  Today we took a drive to Springdale which is a little town just outside the gates of Zion and did a little browsing at the various galleries and gift shops.  Ended up with a nice sample of Utah Sandstone for the mantle back home and had a fabulous lunch at Oscars.  Thanks to Mark and Jan for recommending it.

We aren't quite sure just what route we are going to take home.  Over the next few days there is a weather system going through the Rockies and hauling 13,000 pounds down 7% grades over potentially icy roads doesn't sound like fun.  Temperatures are forecast to be just above freezing with rain and snow.  Took a look at some of the traffic cameras on I70 through the Vail pass today and it wasn't a pretty sight.  The route further north through Evanston, Wy doesn't look much better.  That leaves heading back south to Flagstaff and over to Albuquerque before angling northeast to Winnipeg.  That will add a day onto our trip so we have decided to leave a day early on Thursday morning.  We will decide that morning after looking at the weather and viewing the highway cameras which direction we will head.

Communication may be dicey whatever route we take so this may be it until we get home.  I will do a  recap once we are settled in at home but overall this has been another amazing experience.  We plan to do a little less traveling next year and will spend 4 months in Gold Canyon and see how we like that.  We will probably still take a few weeks to get down to our destination and a few weeks to get home which will allow us to see more of Utahs great National Parks.   We are just a little burned out this year after what will be 11,000 miles and almost 9 months in the trailer.

Oscars Restaurant.  I had the Oscar Burger.
Lots of Garlic with Pastrami on top of a juicy hamburger patti.  Yummm.

The view from the Patio. 

Thats it for now.