Gold Canyon, Az

Gold Canyon, Az
New Years Day 2015, Gold Canyon, AZ

Saturday, November 12, 2016

Hiking Shots of Verde Valley

Just a few shots of our hikes through Dead Horse State Park.  A short hike up to the mesa above the Verde valley provides some great views of the valley below.  We are planning a few hikes around Sedona next week which should provide some great shots of the red rocks of Sedona.

Its Veterans Day down here, Remembrance Day back home, and things will probably be crazy busy in town and out on the trails so think we will veg out by the trailer the next few days.

Should be some time to arrange for some maintenance on the trailer.  One of my trailer tires is showing wear on the outside of the tread so I think a wheel alignment is called for.  Will see if I can line something up for when we get to Phoenix.  Alternatively I may just put the spare on and run it till we get home.  Taking the trailer in for work when it is also your home can be a bit problematic.  I want to swap the tires out at some point for better quality rubber.  The manufacturers tend to put the cheapest tires on, usually from a Chinese manufacturer, and have gained a reputation as "china bombs".  Last thing you want is a blowout on the trailer.  The shredded rubber causes all sorts of damage to the trailer.

Thats the mesa in front with the Verde valley down in the bottom.  On the far side, about half way up, to the left, is a small town kind of hanging on the side of the mountain. There is a small J on the rocks above the town indicating the town of Jerome.  Its an old mining town, now mostly tourism.  We were there 2 years ago and will be making a return visit.  

 Another shot with Jerome in the distance.

 Lori picking her foot falls very carefully.  The lose rocks can make for a dangerous fall if your foot is planted in the wrong spot.

Have to remember my selfie stick as part of our hiking gear just to prove that we are both on the same hike.

A few more days of R&R around the campground and then some Sedona hikes.  Stopped by a Tourist Info store today not realizing it was sponsored by a Time share.  Had some great deals on a train ride thru the Verde valley and a Jeep Tour.  The downside we have to attend a presentation at a time share.  We did this once in Vegas and had a terrible time trying to get out of there with our wallets intact.  We are sitting in Starbucks trying to decide if the aggravation is worth the money saved on the train and jeep tours.  Lori is against it but I am trying to convince her that we have far more time than money.  We will see who wins this discussion.