Gold Canyon, Az

Gold Canyon, Az
New Years Day 2015, Gold Canyon, AZ

Wednesday, November 9, 2016

Camp Verde, finally.

Seems like we have been on the road for months but in fact it is less than 2 weeks.  This is probably due to the fact we have now been living in the trailer for 3 months and another 5 plus months to go before we move into our new digs.  The saving grace is that the next 5 months will be filled with seeing new places.  The 70 degree weather won’t hurt.  The weather in Phoenix this time of year can still be in the mid to high 80’s whereas the higher elevation of Verde and Sedona will make for a more comfortable 65-75 degree temps.  Much nicer for exploring the countryside.  
We were in this area 2 years ago in March and it was crazy busy.  We knew we wanted to come back to the area so we scouted out other possible RV parks.  We discovered Zane Grey RV park and thought it would be a nice place to spend a month.  The monthly rate of $450. vs $800-1000 for some of the bigger Snowbird parks didn’t hurt either.  This park doesn’t have some of the amenities, like a gym, pool, entertainment, golf course, etc. but we typically don’t use those facilities that much as we are usually out exploring the area.  When we pulled in on Tuesday it looked like an oasis compared to the places we have been staying.  The pictures will tell the story. 

I have fallen a bit behind in my posts as spotty wi-fi is one of the realities of travelling.  I have a data plan on our US phones but don’t want to chew that up so early in our travels.  If your reading this I have found a good wi-fi site, probably the Starbucks off the Interstate in Verde.  We are looking forward to a month of more relaxed sight-seeing and are currently enjoying a relaxing day sitting in the shade of our awning.  
Zane Grey has a short trail which meanders along a stream.  Nice place to walk Charli and let her wade in the water. 

Campground office

Our street at Zane Grey.  Not like most Snowbird parks in the desert. 

Our campsite.  Very nice. 
 Saturday we visited Old Town Cottonwood which is 3 blocks of restaurants, gifts shops and galleries.  Its a great place to window shop and browse the unique items in the stores.  We found a store that sold about 50 different kinds of balsamic vinegar and olive oils.  Didn't know there were that many different kinds.  They had tasting stations set up for all of them, much like Wine tasting.  We picked up Cilantro Roasted Onions Olive Oil and Violet Balsamic Vinegar.  Combined they tasted great and can't wait to try them on a salad.  We also stopped in at Old Town Pepper company and picked up some Spicy Pineapple Salsa and Mild Chow Chow.  Will be trying them on some Taco chips tonight.  They also had some rubs and may be picking up some on our next visit to Old Town.  If for no other reason than their names; Chicken Shit, Special Shit, Ah Shit and all sorts of other Shit.  You'd think that with names like that they just gotta taste good.   We also stopped for lunch at Crema Craft Kitchen & Bar for an absolutely fabulous meal.  

Main St of Old Town Cottonwood.  An excellent place to wile away the afternoon. 

Larry's Antiques.  Literally 2 acres of stuff.  If it was made in the past 150 years its here someplace.  

Old gas station converted to restaurant. 

Sunday its off to Dead Horse State Park for some hiking.  They are dog friendly so we can let Charli work off some pent up energy.