Gold Canyon, Az

Gold Canyon, Az
New Years Day 2015, Gold Canyon, AZ

Saturday, December 20, 2014

Silly Mountain

Why a mountain would get the name Silly is beyond me but thats what the sign said.  Its located only a mile or so from our RV Park and consists of a few relatively short trails.  And very importantly, dog friendly.  We ventured over there on Thursday and started up the trail with Charli leading the way.  It was a fairly easy walk with some good views.  One trail was very aptly named Huff n' Puff as it was a short but rather steep climb.

A view of Superstition Mountains from atop Silly Mountain.

 The contrast between the blue blue sky, white clouds, the changing colour of the vegetation as your eye goes up the mountain side and the tan and red rocks make for a most dramatic view.

Friday morning we went to the Buzz.  The Park serves coffee and donuts and reviews all upcoming events, activities and makes announcements to the park residents.  Similar idea to what we experienced at Rincon in Tucson.  After that was over we went back to the trailer to pick up the Laundry basket and Lori spent the next 1 1/2 hours doing laundry and reading her book.  I went to the gym and spent 25 minutes on the treadmill (like I haven't been getting enough walking in) and another 40 minutes or so lifting weights.  The facility is very nice with all the equipment being in excellent condition.  There were only a few other people using the facility and shortly I had the place to myself so I could grunt and groan as loud as I wanted.

The temp was only in the low 60's but the skies were clear and the sun warmed us right to the bone.  For most of the afternoon we sat outside in shorts and t-shirts, catching up on some reading and placing an order on Amazon.  Lori wanted a Yoga bolster and Amazon had a deal on before Christmas for free shipping and 2 day delivery.  We'll see if they show up on Monday as promised.  After I placed the order I found out that the free shipping option enrols me in their  Amazon Prime service.  Its free for 30 days and then they'll charge my credit card $99 for an annual membership.  Sneaky devils!  Its not something I really want so now I have to make sure I cancel it within the next 30 days or those are going to be really expensive bolsters.

After a nice relaxing afternoon we decided to take Charli on a walk to the residential development across the highway.  Its a 55+ community but not the usual park models that we are surrounded by.  They are either detached or semi-detached houses from 1400 up to 2400 sq ft and priced in the mid-$200,000's.  Its a very pretty area with a beautiful 18 hole golf course and fully equipped clubhouse and community centre.  Much like the park we are in but on a much grander scale.

One habit that Lori and I have developed is that whenever we are away somewhere and we like the neighbourhood we start looking at real estate listings.  I don't know why we do this to ourselves.  I guess its harmless curiosity and we haven't put any offers on anything, so far.