Gold Canyon, Az

Gold Canyon, Az
New Years Day 2015, Gold Canyon, AZ

Tuesday, December 2, 2014

Grey Cup Sunday

We ended up having 2 parties to go to on Sunday.  Our neighbour had organized a get together of all of the RV residents in the immediate area.  And then Garry had dropped by to ask us over to watch the grey cup game with them and another couple from the Winnipeg area.  I had totally forgot that Grey Cup Sunday was coming up.
We started off at the neighbourhood get together which was a nice way to actually get to know people.  Each day we wave and greet everybody as we walk by with Charli but don't really stop to talk.  The couple hosting the event lives in one of the Quads which is basically a square of grass with an RV parked on each of the 4 sides.  In the centre a huge tree provides some shade so its a nice area to have a picnic.  Much more aesthetically pleasing than the pea gravel on our site.  These are considered premium sites and cost about $100 more per month to rent.  Lori says next time we find the extra money.  I say ok if it comes out of her shopping budget.

Here is our little piece of heaven which is actually quite nice and we are happy with it.  Immediately to the right of our truck is the neighbours Motorhome.  Their door is on the other side so we actually have a fair amount of privacy when sitting outside.

This is the Quad.  The grass, which is hard to come by down here, combined with the shade from the tree provide a nice cool calm area to relax.  You do have to like your neighbours as all of the doors and seating areas face inwards toward the grass.  This usually isn't a problem as RVers are generally pretty nice people and love to tell you about their rig and where they have been while also respecting your space.
 The unit with the stylized D is a Mobile Suites unit with 5 slides and, based on the banner, is obviously from Nebraska and a CornHuskers fan.  I think being a Husker fan is the law in Nebraska.
These units are among the most expensive 5th wheels and this one is rumoured to have been custom built.  Price tag probably starts at $140k.  And thats in US $s.  They are full timers which is actually quite common.

One couple from the neighbourhood get together is from Alaska and make the journey every year.  In fact a number of RVs here have Alaska plates.  And we thought we had a long drive to get here.  Everybody brought something to eat and their own beverage of choice.  Just as everyones tongues were starting to loosen up we had to beg off for our Grey Cup party.  We got a bunch of blank stares so immediately I mentioned that it was our version of the Superbowl and everyone started to nod knowingly.

Off to Faye and Garry's just in time for the kickoff.  The game looked like it was going to be a blowout victory for the Stamps but the teams must have changed uniforms at half-time as it was all the TiCats in the second half.  They came up just short and Calgary came away with the victory.  Thank-goodness.  Definitely didn't want Grigsby to benefit from the selfishness he exhibited when he left the Bombers.  Hate it when a kid throws a temper tantrum and then ends up benefitting.  I was actually hoping he would fumble in a last minute drive to win the game and have to wear the goat horns.

We had a great time and have to admit that watching the game was secondary to the conversation, the pizza and beverages.  They had ordered 2 extra large Pizzas from Papa Murphy's for $23.  They come fully prepared but uncooked.  They were delicious with lots of toppings.   Turns out that Brian and Nina, the other couple in attendance, actually live in Birds Hill, only a few miles from our house.  We also got some more tips from both couples on places to see.  So far all of their tips have been bang on.

We made our way home about 8:30 and enjoyed all the christmas lights decorating the cactus and palm trees.   Tomorrow its off to the Desert Museum but first a couple of pics which show Charli when she is the happiest.  Lying next to or on top of Lori.  When I retired I became Charli's favourite person but since Lori has retired I have become a distant second.