Gold Canyon, Az

Gold Canyon, Az
New Years Day 2015, Gold Canyon, AZ

Thursday, December 4, 2014

New Hair Stylist - Will Lori Survive

Yesterday was another one of those potentially traumatic firsts.  Lori has been going to the same hairstylist for the last 24 years.  She typically gets her hair coiffed every 6 weeks and books her hair appts up to 6 months in advance.  1st week of Dec was 6 weeks from the last cut so like it or not she had to find a new person capable of keeping up with her high standards.  Luckily Faye knew a person and had made an appt for the both of them and Dec 3rd was the day.  Off they went and for $25. she came back looking a vision of loveliness.  A little shorter than usual perhaps but to the untrained eye (mine) it looked pretty much the same as usual.
I, on the other hand, was off with Charli for a bath.  For Charli, not me.  She was starting to smell a little Doggie and the cramped confines of a trailer tend to magnify those little odors.  The Mall that is on our usual morning walking route contains a PetSmart and in the morning we had dropped in to find out the cost and get an appointment.  After Lori had left for her appt I dropped Charli off for her  3:30.  They said they would call me in 2-3 hours so off I went to browse the mall and then walked  home to wait.  Lori was home already and doing some laundry so once she was done we headed off to pick up Charli.  For $26.95 we had a nice clean dog, brushed, trimmed and nails shaped.  A much better option than me trying to wash her with the trailers outside faucet and then have to put up with the smell of wet dog for the next 12 hours.
Today we were hoping to get downtown for the walking tour and visit some of the shops but the weather changed out plans.  It started raining Wednesday night and continued most of Thursday.  This was the remnants of the system that came out of the Pacific and caused a bunch of mud slides in California.  In fact San Francisco received more rain in one day then they had in the entire preceding year.  They have been having bad draught conditions for the past couple of years but the rain was so heavy it caused all sorts of mud slides.   Never seems to be a happy medium.
Lori got the trailer cleaned this morning while I was checking to see what the cratering price of oil had done to our little nest egg.  On the positive side Diesel is down to $3.34 p/g and gas about a buck lower.  Hear its under $1.00 p/l at home.  Guess you can't have it both ways.  Since it was still raining Lori wanted to go to Barnes&Noble again so I packed up the laptop and am typing this blog while she scourers the book store.
Not sure if I had mentioned this in a previous post but in our time here we have been stopped twice at road blocks.  The Border Patrol is quite active here and with Obamas recent announcement they will likely be stepping up their activity.  The first stop was outside White Sands Monument in New Mexico.  The pull everyone over and when they got to us asked if we were US citizens and when we replied Canadian he just smiled and wished us a good holiday.  Next time was on the road back from Tombstone.  Same 1st question, same answer but then in a very serious tone asked to see our Passports.  Oops!  We of course had the passports securely stowed away in the trailer thinking that the next time we would need them would be upon our re-entry into Canada.  We explained that all we had on us was our Drivers Licenses.  After the sternest of looks he accepted these but not without a warning that we should be carrying our Passports with us.  They are now kept in our truck.
We are enjoying our stay at Rincon Country West RV Park however something they neglected to put on their Website was that they are located directly under the landing path of the Tucson Airport.  We have seen the bottom of so many jets and helicopters in the past few weeks.  In the past week there has been a noted increase in activity of military aircraft, both fighter jets and helicopters.  We have been told that much of that activity has to do with the border patrol.  They don't have to worry too much about us Canucks.  We will all be heading north again as soon as its livable north of the 49th.  All except for Hockey players and Entertainers who tend to stay.
Tomorrow we will be taking the RV Parks tour bus to the Lighting of the Luminaries in Tubac.