Gold Canyon, Az

Gold Canyon, Az
New Years Day 2015, Gold Canyon, AZ

Monday, December 1, 2014

R&R and Christmas Decorations

After our trip to Tombstone we decided to stick around the RV Park for a few days.  I was starting to get a cold and I think we were both getting a little run down.  Well a few days of R&R turned into 4 days.  They just seemed to slip by.  We made a few small trips to get groceries, gas and wash the truck but other than our morning hike and a couple of visits to the onsite gym we didn't do to much.  Its amazing though how tired we are by 8:00.  We are outside from 8ish to about 5:00 when the sun sets and the temps start dropping so all that fresh air works as a great sedative.

Our hike takes from 50-90 minutes depending on the route we take.  I have learned to dress in shorts and t-shirt.  Its only about 55F at that time and we have to walk fast to stay warm but in short order the sun warms us up so that by the end of our journey we are breaking into a light sweat.  All very envigorating.  On one of the routes we go right by a mall close to the end of the hike.  A stop for a Starbucks Latte is a nice treat at the end of our journey.

Found out today that some kids had cut their way through the perimeter fence and stole about 11 bikes and some other items.  The Park is encircled by a chain-link fence with razor wire on the top but where there is a will there is a way as they say.  The surrounding area looks to be pretty much a middle class neighbourhood but the dry wash that runs along the back allows them to cut the fence and sneak in undetected.   I locked up our bikes with our Bike Cable but they have been cutting through those.  I noticed that the neighbour had a heavy chain he was using to lock his bikes up.  Hopefully we both still have our bikes in the morning.  

We decided to stay away from stores on Black Friday despite the deals.  Below, on the right, the Arizona Daily Star on a normal day.  Half of it is flyers and the rest news and sports.
On the left is the Wednesday edition before Thanksgiving.  Same amount of news and sports but the Black Friday flyers make it about 3 inches thick which is about 4 times the thickness of the normal paper.  Many of the stores were opening at 5:00 on Thanksgiving Thursday, now known as Grey Thursday.  Some people were camping out in tents on Wednesday night to be first in line for the super deals.  Savings of 50-80% were common.  We saved 100% by staying in the Park.

 Lots of sitting around the campsite the last few days.  Lori got caught up in some reading.  At least until Charli said enough of this I want some attention.

Lori managed to pickup a couple of christmas decorations in one of our Walmart trips.  Wish that Rudolph could pull the trailer.  Would sure save on Diesel ($3.45 p/g for Diesel; $2.60 p/g Gas). I'm told there are a few more decorations hidden under the bed which will make an appearance when we set up at our next campground.

It was interesting how as soon as Thanksgiving was done all the residents down here had their Christmas decorations up.  It looks very festive walking through the Park Models after dark.
A visit to Biosphere 2 is up next.