Gold Canyon, Az

Gold Canyon, Az
New Years Day 2015, Gold Canyon, AZ

Monday, October 24, 2016

We are off, barely!

Since my last post we have been to see “The Book of Mormon” which was very good, although somewhat graphic in some parts.  We also took in the Toruk, Circ du Soli production which was also pretty good.  Then we winterized the trailer and headed up to Swan River to spend 10 days with Lori’s mother.  Then it was back to Winnipeg to make a few last minute preparations for our trip.  
On the housing front we have finally received agreement from our builder for us to take possession of our house upon our return in April.  They will arrange for installation of our appliances when we are gone and may use our house in the spring Parade of Homes.  Kind of wierd that hundreds of people with see our house before us.   On our last visit to the house the outside was pretty much complete and they were painting the interior.  They are on schedule for completion for mid-Dec. 

We left for Snowbird 2 on Thursday, Oct 20 and until the 19th we weren't sure we were going to get away on time.  We picked up our mail on the evening of the 18th and much to my surprise I had a letter from MPIC regarding my drivers license.  Apparently I was due for a physical exam in order to keep my Class 3 drivers license.  The exam needed to be completed by Dec 31 however since we were planning on leaving in 2 days I started to panic.  This was totally my fault.  I new a medical exam was required every 3 years however I had mistakenly thought it was due in May/17.  I checked with my Dr the next morning and there was no way they were going to get me in before our departure so my next option was hoping I could arrange for an extension for the submission of my medical exam.  Success.  They were prepared to extend it to  April 30/17 provided I had a Dr appt booked.  One more call to the Dr office and we were good to go.  

Or so I thought.

On the afternoon of the 19th I tried to make an online purchase using my Costco Capital One MC.  DECLINED.  After a frantic call to Capital One I find out that my card was corrupted and they cancelled the card. No one could tell me how the card was corrupted, only that no fraudulent transactions took place.  A new card was being mailed to me however wouldn’t be received until after we had left.  Good new was I could still use the card as an ID card for Costco and Lori still had her card which was fine.  We have a US $ Visa which we use in the US anyway.  So a bit of an inconvenience but no biggie.  

Thursday morning we were packing up the trailer and thought I’d check the activity on my credit card just to make sure no one had accessed my account.  Everything looked fine but then I noticed a charge from the movers who were storing our furniture till we get possession of our house.  I had given them my MC # to process the monthly storage fee.  Next months fee would be bounced.  Put in a quick call to change the payment to another Cr card.  No problem except they had to take an impression of my card.  Kind of old school but they came to our RV Park and as they were pulling up we were ready to pull out.  

US border here we come.