Gold Canyon, Az

Gold Canyon, Az
New Years Day 2015, Gold Canyon, AZ

Monday, September 26, 2016

A visit to the ZOO

For some time now we had been talking about visiting the Zoo and decided, as Lori's birthday was on Sept 19, we would make a day of it and go to Assiniboine Park and do the Zoo, English Garden and the Leo Mol garden.   The 19th turned out to be a bit on the windy side and instead decided to go to a movie and dinner with friends.  The next day turned out to be as perfect a fall day as you could wish for.  No wind, sunny skies with temps around 20 degrees.  Perfect for a walkabout.  
It had been many years since I last went to Assiniboine park although Lori had been there on a few field trips with her school.  There have been numerous improvements to the Park in the past few years and I was interested to see some of the new displays.  
We were not disappointed. 

The Australian Walkabout exhibit consisted of a number of Kangaroos although the only activity we observed is what you see in these pictures.  They too were enjoying the sunny warm day.  

There were also a couple of Emus' however they were a bit shy and I didn't get any good pics.

The butterfly house was well past its prime due to the lateness of the season.  There were only a few mature butterflies left and the remaining chrysalis, which are shipped in from different parts of the world, are not expected to unfold into butterflies.  

Owl Butterfly

No butterflies in this pic.  Simply a beautiful flower

The Dinosaur exhibit is at the Zoo until the end of October.  There are motion sensors placed next to the animal so when you approach they will move and roar.  I wonder how close these replicas are to the actual dinosaur that roamed the earth so many  million years ago. 

This is an excellent exhibit to take the kids and grandkids to.

Now back to real animals.
I'm sure he was looking right at me

These guys are so big.  Glad there was a big fence between us. 

This guy was cleaning the seal swimming pool.  The 2 girls were quite intrigued.  Wonder if he ever gets in the Polar Bear pool by mistake.  Would only happen once.

I used to be able to eat anything.  Now this is how I feel after too many carbs. 

He looks so happy.  I'm sure he is smiling at me. 
Bear butt.  Even his junk is covered in fur.  
Size 18, EEE
These 2 spent the whole time we were there play fighting in the water.  Very entertaining

This guy was in the tropical house.  Looks like he's having one of those bad hair days. 

Does't look happy.  Kind of scowles like Trump except this guy has better hair, feathers actually.  Come to think of it, Trump has more of a pouty look.   
Shooting through the fence enclosure makes it difficult getting a good shot. Not a feather out of place. 
This is the Duck pond.  Sure have cleaned this up since the last time I was here.  The Qualico restaurant next door is where we had lunch.  Great meal. 
English Garden.  Still lots of colour, especially considering its Sept 20.  Have to get back next year in peak season. 
English Garden
Leo Mol Garden
Leo Mol Garden.  Sculpture of Moses in an idyllic setting
Leo Mol Garden.  Lady, just behind the sculpture, found a very peaceful place to read her book
Leo Mol Garden
No one designed this.  Just a tree with bark peeled away exposing the wood beneath.
Leo Mol Garden.  Lilly pads in pond.  Interesting reflections and colours
Leo Mol Garden.  Lilly pads in pond.  Perhaps my favourite.  Looks like a big butterfly in the centre.  Actually is part of the plant. 

Thats it.  Sorry for all the pics.  Kind of got carried away.  We definitely will have to get back next year, perhaps a few times to take in the different seasons.  Really impressed with the improvements made to the Park.  The new animal enclosures are much bigger and more humane.  Nice to see.  

Our plans are to be in Winnipeg till Oct 8th.  Going to winterize the trailer and head up to Swan River for 10 days or so to visit with Lori's mom.  Then back here for a couple days and hook up and head south about the 20th of October.