Gold Canyon, Az

Gold Canyon, Az
New Years Day 2015, Gold Canyon, AZ

Saturday, October 29, 2016

Tucumcari, NM here we come.

 During our stay in Guthrie we experienced some apprehension as the result of a news report.  On Sunday evening we were watching TV when one of those News crawlers started moving across the bottom of the TV screen.  There was a reported shooting of 2 police officers in a neighbouring county about 30 miles from us. The police were warning everyone to stay inside and keep their doors locked.  As the evening went on and into the next day more information became available.  Turns out some wacko went on a shooting rampage with an assault rifle.  Fortunately neither officers were seriously injured however the perpetrator stole the Cops truck and went to his Aunt & Uncles house.  Killed the uncle with his rifle and stabbed his aunt to death.  Then tried to decapitate his uncle.  In the next report he had car jacked a vehicle in a mobile home park and shot a lady in the leg.  On Monday it was reported he had tried to car jack an RV in a Flying J parking lot.  Turns out it was the same Flying J we stopped at the next day.  All the time he is driving around the country side and posting a video on Facebook showing his gun and a gun shot wound in his shoulder inflicted by the cops.  Absolutely ranting nonsensical stuff.  At last report he was still at large.  Lori hasn't slept much the past few nights and is glad to be out of Oklahoma.  You just can't make this stuff up.
Tuesday we were off to Tucumcari, NM.  It is located just inside the NM / Texas border on I40 and situated right on Route 66.  We stayed at the Cactus RV park as it accepts my Passport America membership which provides a 50% discount.  After the discount it was still $23.75 and given the lack of amenities that seemed a bit pricey.  The town, at least the part we saw on Route 66 was pretty run down.  When Route 66 was replaced by the Interstate much of the economy seemed to bypass Tucumcari.  

This was the original motel built on this site to accommodate the traffic from Route 66.  Now its closed and derelict.  Newer hotels now exits on the Interstate bypass.

The hotel property has now been converted to an RV Park with additional sites in a lot to the rear of the hotel.  How to gain access?  Simply demolish one motel unit to allow for a drive thru.

We had plenty of room to pull in. The Balloon Festival is a major event in Albuquerque in early OCT and I suspect most of these sites are full for that event.

An old style gas station complete with old gas pumps

Wednesday we were off to Albuquerque and spend a few days exploring the sights.