Gold Canyon, Az

Gold Canyon, Az
New Years Day 2015, Gold Canyon, AZ

Sunday, September 25, 2016

A walk along Duffs Ditch and Manyfest

Been awhile since I have done any updates but its cold, windy and raining in sheets so lots of time today for blogging.  At last report we were finishing up our Clear Lake trip and since then we have settled in at Town & Country RV Park which is situated in the shadows of Tinkertown and Fun Mountain Water Slides.  Our trailer will stay here until we head south for the winter on October 20. 
Other than a week in early September visiting with Lori’s mother we have been puttering around Winnipeg and tracking construction progress on our house.  Its interesting driving by every week to see what they have accomplished.  As of Sept 23 the drywall is up and they will be mudding and taping next week.  The stone front is done and the final coat of stucco was pretty much finished on Friday afternoon.  We had a tour last week and found a few issues which will be fixed next week.  We couldn't get over how small the interior looks.  Almost seems like we lost a few hundred sq feet but we have been in other homes at  the drywall stage and once all the finishings are in its amazing how much bigger the rooms look.  We are waiting for the final word but looks like we will be taking possession in early April and they will be using the house in the Spring Parade which will be kind of weird as hundreds of people will see our house before us.  After living in a 300 sq ft trailer for 8 months I'm sure the house at 1400 sq ft will seem huge.  

Our unit consists of the garage, front door and the next 2 windows.  The last set of windows on the right is for the next unit.
A few weeks back we attended Manyfest.  A street festival adjacent to the Manitoba Legislature.  This is our first time attending and it was a pleasant way to spend the afternoon.  Lots of entertainment, a farmers market and more food trucks than I could count.  

Manitoba Legislature
Thats Lori standing next to the Pillar.  Had to do a bit of cropping so that she was visible.  Lori wanted to use the washrooms which entailed going through a metal detector, having her purse searched, providing personal ID info and getting a pass card so she could get past the front lobby of the Legislature.  I waited at the front door. 

Those pillars are big

Food trucks lined up and down Memorial Blvd. 

After a month in the trailer it was time Charli had a bath.  Petvalu has some self-serve wash bays which work quite well and are only $11. and they supply everything. 

We have been walking Charli around the campground however that has become a bit tedious and the drive to Birdshill Park is a bit of a hike.  We found the closest access point to the Duff Roblin Parkway Trail and have been going there for some of our walks.  While the scenery is pretty boring it does allow us to let Charli run. 

The trail runs for 44 KM from Lockport to the floodway gates south of Wpg.  

Campers Special was a bit before my time

Some local artists have tried to pretty up the landscape

We have a rail line running about 1/2 mile from our campground and it is pretty much nonstop trains day and night.  Amazing how quickly we have got used to the noise and train whistles.  Good thing cause there is a rail line running right through Oakbank and less than 1/2 mile from our new house. 

Found this huge mushroom growing out of an old tree stump.  Will be interesting to see how big it gets before the first frost.  Can you believe it.  Sept 25 and we haven't had frost yet.    


Thats it for now.  Next stop the Zoo.