Gold Canyon, Az

Gold Canyon, Az
New Years Day 2015, Gold Canyon, AZ

Saturday, August 27, 2016

Concert on the Beach and the Wishing Well

We have been very fortunate with some very nice weather at the lake this past week.  Other than the odd day the heat and humidity seems to be behind us.  We have had a couple of nice cool mornings which have even required turning on the fireplace.

The entrance to the campground. 

Our hikes have increased in duration and our Fitbits’ are reflecting in excess of 15,000 steps and 14 km on most days.  On friday we had to attend a funeral in Pinawa which meant about 9 hours in the truck.  Not much time for steps that day.  

My wonky knee is starting to feel the mileage and not sure how much longer I can maintain this pace.  Based on past experience I’m not doing any damage but when the swelling gets too much its time to rest, elevate and ice it down.  I had an MRI and X-rays done about a year ago and the Dr said there was nothing wrong.  Hmmm.  He had no explanation for the swelling and pain.  The physio did give me some exercises.  Perhaps I should start doing them again.  Ya think! 

I believe all the National Parks started placing red adirondack chairs at various picturesque spots in the parks.  For the past few years there have been a few up by the Golf Course Club House but these were added recently down by our lakeshore walk.  

Each year the Park puts on a Concert on the Beach with some pretty good talent.  2 years ago we saw Glass Tiger and this year it was Trooper with Haywire as the opening act.  We got to the beach at about 6:30 with the required gear.  Lawn Chairs and plenty of blankets to protect from the chilly forecast for that evening.  Haywire was ok although not being a big music aficionado I didn’t know who they were or any of their songs.  We were really waiting for Trooper who were pretty big in the 70’s.  They took the stage and sang about 4 songs and then all left the stage leaving the drummer to do a solo for about 5 minutes.  Then he left the stage and another band member came on and did the same on the guitar.  Its getting colder and these guys are taking breaks after 15 minutes of performing!  Perhaps to warm up, perhaps, keeping in mind they aren't as young as they used to be, to have a nap.  We packed up and headed back to the campsite.  By the time we got back to the trailer they had started to play again and we listened to the rest of the concert from the comfort of our recliners, in front of the fireplace with drinks in hand.  Yea, the band isn't the only ones getting older.

Lori is all ready.  A couple of blankets in the bag to keep us warm. 

The crowd is starting to gather.  Looking to the rear of the crowd the beer garden tent is in the background.  The second picture below shows the stage through the trees.  And then off to the right is the beach for those hardy types ready for an evening swim.  

Sunday we decided to go for a hike all the way down past the golf course to the Wishing Well. It turned out to be a 7km walk one way and I was hoping my knee would hold up for the return trip.  In days gone by the wishing well was a nice spot surrounded by a lovely perennial garden with towering spruce trees at the edge of Clear Lake.  My childhood memories make for an idyllic setting however it hasn't been anywhere close to my memories in a long long time.  Budget cuts over the years have resulted in reduced maintenance and the gardens becoming overgrown with weeds.  This year was a real pleasant surprise as the pictures will attest.  A beautiful spot to rest up for the hike back to the campground.
My 2 girls posing for me.  Should have come earlier when the sun wasn't so high in the sky.  Sure makes it hard to get an even exposure. 

They have done a nice job of restoring the beauty.

Not sure for the reason for the miniatures but make for an interesting picture among the flowers.  
Even comes with 2 little red chairs. 

A couple more full size red chairs among the flowers with a great view of the lake in the background.

Our last day at the lake was reward day.  Our last lakeshore walk followed by breakfast and cinnamon buns at the Whitehouse Bakery.  I ordered the Mountain Breakfast which consisted of 3 eggs, 3 sausages, toast, hash browns and 2 large pancakes.  Tasted fantastic however try as I might I couldn't quite finish.  Won't be bending over to tie my shoes for a few hours, thats for sure. 

Our lap dog settled in for our last campfire of this years Clear Lake trip.  
I think we exceed the weight capacity for these chairs by about 50 lbs. One of these years we are both going to end up on the ground. 

Thursday we will be packing up for the drive back to Winnipeg and back to the Town & Country RV Park.  Another relaxing visit to Clear Lake over for another year.