Gold Canyon, Az

Gold Canyon, Az
New Years Day 2015, Gold Canyon, AZ

Saturday, March 31, 2018

Good bye GC for another year.

It is getting time to wrap things up and blow this popsicle stand.  We have been here 4 months and have enjoyed our stay despite some injury setbacks which limited some of our activities.  Still much better hobbling around on crutches and complaining about the heat than being housebound cause you don't want to be outside and slip on some ice.   I have two appointments at the Pan Am Clinic in early May.  One for my Ankle and the other for my Knee.  I wanted to deal with both in one appointment or schedule back to back appts but I was told that the Dr will only address one body part at one appt and that Manitoba Medical wouldn't pay for 2 appts in the same day.  What a bunch of Bozo's.  

We have pretty much got our plans finalized for next year.  We will be meeting with Mark and Jan in Guthrie, Ok in late October and then will spend the month of November touring together through Texas.  A place neither of us have been to before.  We have already booked an RV park in Tucson for the month of December and then we will head back to Gold Canyon for Jan-March.  We have already confirmed our spot and made our deposits for both Tucson and GC.  

This was the first of our Snowbird trips that we spent a full 4 months in one place.  We have discovered some pluses and minuses with staying in one spot.  On the downside 4 months is just a little too long.  I think 3 would be ideal as it still allows us to explore new places for a couple of months on the way down and back but still have a place that feels like home for 3 months.  Being here for an extended period has definitely allowed us to get to know some people a little better and we are already looking forward to seeing their smiling faces when we pull in next year.  Its definitely cheaper as RV Park rates are less expensive when you book for longer periods and we also haven't put on near the miles as in past years.  Last year we put on 11,000 miles and this year it will be half of that.  Gas expense will be way down.  The last couple of weeks it has been getting kind of hot and after 10:00AM to about 6:00 PM its simply too hot to do any active outdoor activities.  I don't know how the locals survive down here in the summer although they say the same about our winters.  The early mornings and late evenings are great for being outside.  

We are currently planning our trip home with an ETA in Winnipeg of April 9 however weather may well play a role in our route.  Right now we are booked into Vegas for 2 days, April 1 and 2.  We have purchased tickets for one draw at the World Curling Championships which are in Vegas this year and started on March 31.  Canada plays Italy which isn't the dream matchup I was hoping for but should still be fun.  Following that we are driving straight up Hwy 15 through Salt Lake, and yes I have heard all the horror stories of driving through Salt Lake, and up to Lethbridge to visit Jeff, Carrie and the boys for a few days.  We will winterize the trailer while we are there and stay in a hotel in Regina on the way home.  Pull into Oakbank on the 9th, unpack and put the trailer in storage.   That may all change as there is a winter storm heading through Idaho and Montana so if the roads are icy we may well just head to Denver and then home or hunker down for a few more days for more civilized weather.  In future years I think we will plan to stay a week or two in Utah or Nevada to allow things to warm up a bit more in the mountains and back home.

The local photographer has posted some more pictures of our Owlets and they are sure growing.  The are pretty ugly babies but they are starting to get feathers now and look a little more like their parents.

Peek a boo

There are a total of 3 owlets. 

JC says he took this one at dusk with a very high ISO.
Mom brought rabbit for dinner.  
Our neighbours, Larry and Penny, have electric bikes and I took them out for a spin one day.    Given my knee problems I'm thinking they might be a good way to reduce strain when starting and going up hills but still get a workout.  Lori, who always lags behind, might also be able to keep up with me and it will be a more enjoyable experience for both of us.  Or perhaps I just want a new toy and I'm rationalizing.  

On Wednesday we headed over to Scottsdale to a bike shop for a demo and we each rented a bike for an hour.  Lori found the speed a little too exhilarating at first and it turned out we were still effectively biking by ourselves.  She did get used to the speed of the motor and the controls and on the trip back to bike shop we were almost within yelling distance of each other.  Lori - "will you slow down!!!"  Me  - "whats taking you so long!!!!"

After some intensive online research I think the key is to get bikes with a torque sensor rather than the cadence sensor that the bikes we rented had.  The torque sensor provides a little more speed control and a greater sense that the rider is in control rather than the somewhat out of control feeling provided by the cadence sensor.  Of course those bikes are more money.  Wouldn't you know it.   

Lori on her Rad Step Thru.
That look on her face is, I'm sure, one of sheer joy. 

Im on the Rad Rover.  A fat bike for a fat rider.
The fat tires, 4" wide, provide for a very smooth ride.

Lori wouldn't even try the Fat bike.  I told her it wasn't a reflection on her.
The Step Thru is very easy to get on.  No swinging the leg over the seat.
Just step thru and your off to the races. 

Dog days of March.  Its getting hot out here. 

Mom and dad out for a walk.
Two more and it would be Abby Road.
Youngsters won't get that reference.  

Well thats it for now.  We have been slowly packing up and head out Sunday morning for Vegas.  We will watch the weather forecast and make a decision about the 3rd what our route will be.  Further posts will depend on time and internet service.  

If not before I will provide a recap of our trip when we get back home.

Till then.