Gold Canyon, Az

Gold Canyon, Az
New Years Day 2015, Gold Canyon, AZ

Saturday, January 21, 2017

Arial Tramway

Wednesday we took the Palm Springs Arial Tramway up to 8500 ft.  Each tram can hold up to 80 people and the floor rotates so you get to see a full 360 degree view during the ride to the top.  The departure point is at about 2500 ft so you ride the tram up about 6000 ft and it only takes about 10 minutes.

The temperature was about 60 degrees when we left the RV Park and 53 degrees at the departure point.  A sign told us the temperature at the top of the tram ride was 35 degrees with snow packed and icy trails.  I was wondering if I had bought enough layers.

We hiked a couple of the shorter trails but given the ice and snow on the trails every foot step was carefully planned lest we end up flat on our derriere.  The views of the valley and the mountain tops were worth the trip and the $27. ticket price although if we ever did it again I would ensure that the trails were free of snow.  After a couple of miles of hiking we were exhausted, partially due to the elevation but also due to the care we had to take to avoid falling on the ice.

We stopped for lunch at the restaurant and then took the next tram down.  

As you would expect.  Great views at 8500 ft. 

I'm posting this blog from the Starbucks at Barnes and Noble.  We have had 2 days of rain with up to 2 inches falling in Palm Springs.  That is their normal annual rainfall and they got it all in one storm.  Today, Saturday, it is sunny but cold and very windy in Sky Valley so we took a drive over to Palm Desert where its sunny, low 60's and no wind.  There are 2 more storm systems coming in over the next few days with plenty of rain in the forecast.  Following that the forecast is cool but sunny so perhaps we can get out on some more trails.  Till then we will try not to go completely shack-wacky.