Gold Canyon, Az

Gold Canyon, Az
New Years Day 2015, Gold Canyon, AZ

Wednesday, February 28, 2018

Dolly Steamboat

Friends from home, actually The Pas, Manitoba, are staying at Lost Dutchman State Park and they dropped in for a visit.  They are a little more adventurous than us, staying mainly at State Parks, often without services.  We on the other hand are soft and spoiled and like the full service amenities of the snowbird parks.  We had a great visit with Pat, Brad and their daughter Pam and decided to take in the Dolly Steamboat cruise on Canyon Lake on Wednesday.

To get to the dock we needed to navigate 3 fairly steep ramps plus walk out on a floating dock to board Dolly.  Normally not a problem but navigating on crutches, while doable, was going to be a bit of an adventure.  Luckily there was a wheelchair available and we got to board first.  Lori did her best to hold me back as we descended the ramps.  At one point, as we gathered speed,  I was a bit concerned we might have a runaway wheelchair.  I managed to grab the wheels to provide a little resistance and avoid the real possibility of going into the drink.  I actually felt a little guilty as there were lots of people with canes and another lady with crutches navigating the ramp to the dock.  All got there safely but I got there first.  

The Salt River runs through the canyons of the Superstition Mountains with a series of Dams' built over the years to provide hydro electric power for the valley.  This has resulted in a number of lakes being created and have been a boon for water recreation in the area.  A bit of a novelty in the desert.  The lake has nice blue waters, great for swimming, fishing and boating.  Hundreds of boats of all sizes are docked in slips at the head of the lake.  There are a number of picnic/camping spots accessible only by boat with hiking trails heading up into the canyons.  Renting a Pontoon boat sounds like a great idea for a future visit.

Dolly with Canyon Lake in the background

Just a small portion of the boats in their slips

There is a Bald Eagle nest up at the top

A lone Saguaro Cactus making a statement

A cactus growing out of nothing but rock.
Talk about determination. 

The wall of the canyon.
Notice in the centre of the picture a formation in the rock.
Its actually the end of a tree stump that has fossilized.
There are a number of them in the picture. 

The sheer canyon walls make a beautiful backdrop 

Makes me want to dock and see how far up the canyon I can get. 

This Saguaro doesn't know which end is up. 

A picnic/camping site available only by boat. 

Rock formation likeness to Mozart,
or was it Bach.
Anyway, one of those composer guys before the Beetles.  

The Dam blocking the Salt River and creating Canyon Lake 

Rock of Gibraltar?
No but sure looks impressive

Looked through all our bird books and couldn't find a match
Any ideas?

A day out on the water made us real hungry.
Off to Tortilla Flats for dinner.
Brad, Waiter, Pat and Pam

On Sunday, Feb 25 we met up again with the above trio for breakfast at the Village Inn.  Had to wait almost 30 minutes to get in but we had a great breakfast and visit.  It seems that Sunday morning everywhere is a very popular time to go out for breakfast.  Pat and Pam had wrangled another hiker to guide them up to Flat Iron on Monday.  One of the highest peaks in the Superstition mountains.  Pat says they made it no problem so now we have someone to guide us, perhaps next year.  

On Tuesday Lori and I headed to the movies and saw The Post which we would highly recommend.  While the setting of the movie is 1971 in the Nixon era it has a lot of relevance today.  Lori and Jan are off to Ikea on Thursday for some Shopping Therapy and Thursday night we have another Legends Concert.  This time its Roy Orbison.  

Its been 3 weeks today since my last Pickleball game and never could I imagine that I would be on crutches for this length of time recovering from something as simple as a sprained ankle.  Big news today.  I am finally taking some pain free steps without my companion sticks.  It seems ok to walk on a level surface with no twisting or turning.  If I get a little off centre there are still some twinges so I will be taking it slow for a while yet.  At least there is some hope I'll be fully mobile by the time its time to pack up and head north.  

Thats it for now.