Gold Canyon, Az

Gold Canyon, Az
New Years Day 2015, Gold Canyon, AZ

Monday, December 25, 2017

Merry Christmas

Friday, Dec 22, we headed back to the Mesa Swap Meet to pick up the sign we had ordered. Thought I would include some pictures so you could get a bit of an idea of the size of this place. It is open on Friday, Saturday and Sunday and I believe only in the winter when all the snowbirds are here to spend their life's savings.  There is just about everything here.  Would love to take a bunch of the pots back with us and I'm sure a few will make it north with us but we are somewhat limited in our storage space for the trip home.

There are 4 long rows of kiosks.
I'm not sure how long they are but it is multiple acres plus the
parking lot which surrounds the whole complex. 

Golfing selection only surpassed by Golf Town back home.  

Knick knacks for every corner and wall of your house. 

Lots of very nice metal work.  

Very cute cowboy boots. 

Lots of ceramics and pottery.  My mom would have loved it. 

One of these guys made it home with us.  

These flowers will bloom all year long, even in Manitoba

Wouldn't see this at home.  Well maybe at Cabella's

Lots of "more of the same"  By now I'm sure you get the idea. 

Lori even found a place selling Norwex

Here is the sign that we had made.
Now have to find a stand to place it in front of our rig.
Many have similar signs made out of stone.
They are very nice but too heavy to cart around. 

After all that walking we needed some nourishment and founds a Chili's at the mall next door.

Lori had a Chicken Quesadilla
I was a little more adventurous
Spicy Honey Chicken Tenders on Waffles with FF.
Tasted great but too many carbs and calories.   

Self serve payment right at the table.
Waitress doesn't have to bring a bill.
When you are ready to leave just swipe your card, add a tip and you're gone.  

This little guy made it home with us.
Now part of our Christmas decorations.
Will eventually find a place on our patio back home. 

When we got home we found Santa had come a few days early.
Another parcel arrived the next day.
Delivered by Mrs Clause driving a UPS truck. 

Our collection of Amazon boxes and a few of their contents. 

Many items are no longer cheaper down here after you factor in the exchange rate but some items are just a rip off if you purchase in Canada.  We purchased a pair of outdoor speakers and a wall mount volume control unit.  Speakers were $69. on and $150. at home.  Made in USA.  
The Viair 12V compressor was $179. and at home it is $370.  Also made in USA.  Yea I know.  A lot of money for a compressor but is very durable, comes very highly recommended and will inflate my 110 PSI trailer tires on the side of the highway if necessary.  
I just don't get that sort of price differential.  Whats going to happen after Trump cancels NAFTA. 

We also picked up a couple of very comfy chairs from Camping world.  

Charlie also got a couple of chew toys.
Will see how long before she pulls out the stuffing.
I'm sure it will be toast by Boxing Day. 
We bought this roaster last year.  This year we purchased an Induction Hot Plate.
We haven't used the propane oven or stove top this year. 

Christmas Brunch baked in the roaster.
We have done muffins, apple crumble pie, chicken casserole.
Almost as good as the oven at home.  Just no broiler.   

The more traditional Santa did pay a visit. 

A few days ago we had the traditional Golf Cart Christmas Parade.  About 20 golf carts all decked out in lights with Christmas music playing.  Christmas eve we had about 20 Christmas Carollers walking down the street.  I went out to see what was going on and had to sing a Christmas carol with them as backup.  After 2 verses they thought it wise to move on before I wrecked Christmas songs forever.
For those of us left in the RV Park, many fly home for Christmas, we are having a Christmas Potluck dinner this afternoon.  Now its time to go for a bike ride around the park before we get our Pecan Pie ready for the dinner.
Oh, by the way.  High of 72 today.  At home, -30 plus a wind chill.  Just say'in!

Wishing all of you and your families a very merry Christmas.